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Memory Coalition of Excellence:Recommendations for the National Semiconductor Technology Center

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Microelectronic chips, also known as integrated circuits (ICs), are at the heart of our modernday society.Discrete semiconductor memory and storage (DRAM and NAND) currently account for almost a third of all integrated circuits sales and are growing faster than any other segment in the semiconductor industry. This trend is expected to continue, and currently, memory and storage account for approximately two-thirds of the world’s 300 mm semiconductor wafer output.

Semiconductor memory and storage play an increasingly central role in overall computing infrastructure, largely fueled by the data economy and the current “data explosion” era, resulting in an exponential increase in the amount of data generated and stored in the computing ecosystem.As this data growth continues, workloads and applications are forced to migrate towards more memory-heavy architectures

This document provides an overview of the memory industry, details the competitive challenges faced by the U.S. memory industry, identifies specific technical focus areas that are relevant to the memory domain, and makes recommendations for each area.

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