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AMETEK IntelliPower has established an enviable reputation as a designer, manufacturer, and supporter of uninterruptable power supply (UPS) solutions.

These UPS solutions serve a wide range of mission-critical and safety-critical applications and markets, including defense, oil and gas, transportation, power generation, and industrial. In addition to customers in the USA, these solutions are deployed to an international clientele around the globe.

Three key features apply to every UPS product in the IntelliPower portfolio—each unit is custom, rugged, and features an online (a.k.a. double conversion) topology. Some additional functions and features are of interest to our international customers. These include multiple battery chemistry options and how the batteries are presented to the UPS chassis, multiple enclosure styles coupled with numerous connector options, and support for global input and output voltages and frequencies. Also of interest to our international customers are our global support and our battery replacement program. 

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