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Today, R&D engineers face challenging time-to-market goals. Extending the product development schedule and delaying the product launch can prove to be extremely costly in terms of opportunity cost and lost market share. Nearly 50% of products fail EMC compliance the first time. Every day spent on debugging, isolating and correcting the EMI problem increases the time to market. The time lost could have been used to work on another project or on improving the design instead

To address these challenges, it makes sense to perform EMI tests during the product design cycle in order to reduce the possibility of failing EMC compliance, which typically comes at the end of the development cycle of a product.

This step-by-step guide leads you through three important steps to take advantage of the unique features of the R&S®RTO/RTE oscilloscopes and perform EMI testing in the product design cycle: locating, capturing and analyzing emissions with different correlations and tactics.

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