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Keep Accurate Track of Time and Temperature while Saving Power

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When you think of temperature monitoring and critical components survey on a PCBA you may not think of Real-Time Clocks (RTC), but in addition to keep an updated track of the current time such device is able to provide much more information. Following the trend for product simplification pushing for functions combination in single device and answering to customer demand for accurate temperature reading and low-power solutions, Micro Crystal is leading the way with its most power efficient, accurate and ultra-compact temperature compensated Real-Time Clock Module, yet.

Readers will learn:

  • How RV-3032-C7 RTC module can be used in new design to enhance operation with no increase in power consumption nor impact on system board area
  • What are the features and characteristics of the embedded Temperature Sensor
  • What are the competitive advantages compared to other solutions
  • What are the thermal and design constraints to consider
  • In which Applications it might be deployed


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