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Modular embedded technologies for cognitive RF and EW systems

Published by Abaco Systems

Whether it is something as trivial as a business traveler trying to find Wi-Fi at an airport without falling victim to a spoof network, or something as important as a warfighter trying to send positional data in a jammed environment, taking or retaining control of the electromagnetic spectrum in hostile terrain is becoming increasingly important.

When it comes to the latter, dedicated systems with fixed architecture are no longer enough. Today’s systems need to ingest, process, and change on the fly. These new methodologies, often described as cognitive RF and cognitive EW, rely on reconfigurable hardware and software that can detect, learn about, and adapt to new threats in the field during a mission.

Read more to find out how adaptive solutions built with FPGA, GPGPU and host-based CPU hardware provide the platform driving AI-enabled solutions to real world threats.

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