Secure Digital Transformation Requires Identity-Based Access Control

Published by Cyolo

Digital transformation is an all-encompassing term that refers to a wide swath of activities designed to modernize and streamline a company’s business operations. But these initiatives are challenging, as many organizations struggle to fully implement the solutions needed to achieve their goals.

Successful digital transformation provides organizations with the tools to become modern, agile, and digital first businesses. But while change can be a force for progress, it must be performed well, weaving a robust identity strategy into the process from its start. The race to digitize is ongoing, with 55% of businesses under pressure to complete the process, believing that they will otherwise lose market share.

The problem that many companies meet during digitization is that digital boundaries are fuzzy, making security more challenging. The key to digital transformation success lies in controlling these fuzzy borders using adaptive, intelligent, and identity-based access control. An identity based, zero trust approach can accelerate your journey to successful digital transformation.

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